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Standing in the tradition of our foremothers

The primary objective of BWOP Chicago is to advance the political interests of black folks in Chicagoland and throughout the state of Illinois, while centering black women's voices in our organizing and advocacy efforts. 

While BWOP Chicago recognizes that anti-black racism is a global construct, we are aware of the seriousness of paying specific attention to the justice claim for the descendants of enslaved people here in the United States. Equity requires specificity. Here in Chicagoland, you can trace a straight line from the institution of chattel slavery here in the United States to the refugee crisis known as the Great Migration, in which former enslaved people and their progeny fled sharecropping, convict leasing, and the nadir of racial terrorism in the encounter that same racial terrorism in the North. You can then continue to trace that same line to the development of segregated, redlined enclaves on Chicago's South and West sides to those very same present-day communities, which have suffered decades of disinvestment.

Therefore, BWOP Chicago is proud to support the efforts of the growing national ADOS movement in the quest for reparations and a substantive Black Agenda.  

Interested in getting involved? Email for more information. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about our work.

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